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Businesses are about people.

We want to enable businesses to deliver access to law to the people important to them; whether that's staff, customers or clients. 

The one thing about law is, it impacts us all.

What can we achieve together?

What we deliver

How does delivering immeasurable value for less than the cost of a cup of coffee sound? That's what's on offer!  

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Employee engagement & presence are more important now more than ever before.

What if employees could identify their legal problems without leaving the office? 

What if employees could access legal resources and templates on-demand?

What if employees could access legal advice on their lunch break? 

What if your competitor introduces this employee perk before you?

Employers need efficiency, dedication and engagement from employees. Health and well-being must be at the top of the agenda to attain this goal.  


Employees need support, convenience and hassle-free spare time to decompress. 

Legal problems can: 

  • inhibit progress

  • increase expenses

  • cause stress 

  • diminish energy

  • last months!


Delivering more value and mitigating risk, what's not to love?

There's a lot to love about on-demand access to law, both for insurers and policy-holders. 


Phone-lines are out-dated, inefficient and costly, yet risk mitigation of small business legal problems can save you thousands in legal fees and operating costs.

Small businesses: 

  • don't have legal support

  • they lack access, not need

  • require convenience and direction


  • need to deliver added-value

  • reduce costs 

  • mitigate policy-holder risks 

  • maintain relevance 

  • keep ahead of their competition 

What if your policy-holders could get on-demand legal support? 

What if that support was cheaper than that unused phone-line? 

What if policy-holders could access legal support before a legal event occurs?

What if policy-holders could fix the problem themselves when it suits their business? 

What if insurers could calculate legal expenses risk to a finite detail?  

What if your competitor does this before you do? 


Why us?

Small Teams

We only work in small teams, ensuring full accountability and delivery.


We work where's comfortable and where the business needs us to be, our only criterion is a decent wifi connection.


We're tech-friendly and we aren't afraid of change. We can adapt or enable adaptation.


We're agile and responsive. There's nothing we enjoy more than solving problems and delivering results.

Partnering with

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Accountancy Sector
Tech Sector
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