Machine Learning

We use Artificial Intelligence Technologies (Machine Learning) to deliver Our App to you, as Our platform makes informed decisions about your legal issue or dispute. We want to explain the path to diagnose your legal problem and where machine learning makes decisions to assist you, so you understand what is happening during the process.

Data Collection Phase

Our Services will seek information from you regarding your role in the issue or dispute concerned and the status of your issue or dispute. This is to understand what potential type of problem it is that you are facing, as well as determine the most relevant information to display. Additionally, you will be asked for the remedy that you are seeking to understand what your ultimate aim is to resolve the problem.

Machine Learning Engine

At this next stage, Our Services will utilise Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Machine learning is a subset of artificial technology and Our Services utilises a specific technology that is a subject of machine learning called Natural Language Processing. This technology is used to train a mathematical model (algorithm) to assess and predict the likelihood of the similarity of different written expressions of legal issues and disputes such as yours.

Machine Learning Processing

The mathematical models (algorithm) that are used to seek to calculate the likelihood of your issue or dispute being similar or the same as other issues or disputes. The outcome is a prediction based on statistical probability arising from your interaction and input with the assessment process.

Data Training

A benefit to Our Services utilising natural language processing is that the process can take new information onboard to learn automatically and improve itself. Our Services will use the input you provide to understand how you have expressed your issue or dispute and how that changes between different users. The outcome is a more informed mathematical model (algorithm) that can understand the many ways to express the same or similar legal issues and disputes.

Data Collection (Phase 2)

When Our Services receive the prediction of your legal issue or dispute, it will present you with a series of questions and statements to select from. Your answers help to inform Our Services if the prediction is correct or not; this then influences the assessment process to determine the degree of legal support that can be provided.


Our Services can provide you with different outcomes depending on the ability for the mathematical model to predict the right outcome and your interaction with the assessment process. Please see Our Disclaimer for the detail on the potential limits on outcomes.

Insight Reporting

We may use some or all of the information you provide, including the demographic information, natural language data, and option input to inform commercial industry insight reports. The content of these reports describes aggregate trends and does not identify any individual in any way.

It should be noted that Our Services include and incorporate probabilistic predictions about outcomes and is subject to the limitations set out in Our Disclaimer.