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Payment is only required following notification of a successful application.

Freelance solicitors must be SRA-registered and trading under their own name.

Terms of Sale (Freelancer Subscription)

Terms of Sale (Standard Subscription)

Is this method of marketing my firm’s services a referral arrangement I need to notify the SRA about? Do I need to disclose this to my clients?

No. Legal Utopia is not providing referrals in exchange for a financial benefit. You are purchasing the right to be listed on the Legal Utopia ‘Book A Lawyer’ and promote your firm’s position on the ‘Find A Lawyer’ service.

Legal Utopia and you (the firm) must notify, in writing, to any client received from the Legal Utopia App that you purchased a membership from Legal Utopia to be on and use the App.

Are there any actions to consider on unsolicited marketing activities?

Yes, you will still need to consider how you promote the fact you’re listed on the Legal Utopia App in your own marketing materials/campaigns.

Your mere presence on the Legal Utopia App and our promotion of that, is not considered unsolicited marketing on receipt of guidance from the SRA.

What’s included for the fee exactly?

You’re receiving the right to be listed on the Legal Utopia ‘Book A Lawyer’ and increasing your presence/position on the ‘Find A Lawyer’ service. This allows your firm to reach an extremely wide audience by enabling you to connect your services with prospective clients’ needs.

In addition to the listing, Legal Utopia provides the secure appointment scheduling, conferencing link generation, KYC, and client notifications to bookings. This allows prospective clients to book calls with individual solicitors, reducing the time and technology overhead in remote service delivery.

How does client payment work?

You are responsible for invoicing and collection of payment via your own payment methods. Legal Utopia recommends either delivering a securely transmitted invoice via email as is usual practice.

You should be mindful of the need to provide clear and upfront information on costs. Legal Utopia does not take payment on your behalf, nor are there any restrictions by us.

Do I have to accept an appointment booking?

No. You’ll receive all your booking requests via email and the preliminary information related to the legal issue or dispute of the prospective client via the secure web-portal. It’s both your commercial and professional judgment whether to accept that booking on assessment of said information.

Can I edit, cancel or amend an appointment?

Yes. The Book A Lawyer service inter-operates with your selected email inbox to seamlessly support native scheduling with push notifications to prompt new clients. This means your current method of appointment scheduling does not change, editing an appointment by either party will appear in the solicitor’s email inbox and the client app account.

Prospective clients are under no obligation to continue with the appointment if it hasn’t started and you may lose new clients by rescheduling.

How are KYC and AML checks completed with this method of client onboarding?

Legal Utopia does not complete the KYC and AML checks prior to you accepting or providing legal advice to a client. This is both your professional and legal responsibility. Legal Utopia does provide access, via the web-portal, to the pre-loaded documents you’ll need to complete your regulatory checks.

Why would I purchase a membership to list on Legal Utopia’s app?

The membership is focused on SME law firms that cover consumer law, it is not expected to benefit larger international firms. An SME firm may seek a membership as an alternative to spending significant amounts of money on online marketing campaigns and ads.

It may also consider the cost vs risk benefit of a membership option, with the vast majority of the technology overhead and client acquisition covered by Legal Utopia, SME firms may also be more price competitive by utilising the membership option.

Members may also consider the benefits of the client lifecycle in respect of no obligation, self-generating leads that can lead to more legal work should an initial legal issue or dispute develop over time. Members are under no restriction of further instructions from client leads from the Legal Utopia App or any referral or commission obligations. This limits risk to the membership fee and regulatory compliance.

How are conflicts managed between us and Legal Utopia?

Legal Utopia has built permission-based access parameters around how users’ and clients’ information is accessed by Legal Utopia and members. Legal Utopia will not have access to the details of any legal issue or dispute in relation to any prospective or subsequent engagement of a member firm.

Legal Utopia does have access to the individual booking details for customer service support, as well as aggregate data analytics of all engagements on the Legal Utopia App. Legal Utopia can never access the legal issue or dispute which is discussed between you and your client.

Legal Utopia does not record or store any audio or video calls conducted on the Legal Utopia App.

You should, nonetheless, exercise your own professional judgment on a case-by-case basis with regard to the information you have access to at the relevant time.

Who do I send professional regulation compliance queries to?

You can contact our regulatory compliance officer - Robert Marcus - via email at

We do not respond to unsolicited marketing emails.

Who do I send data protection compliance queries to?

You can contact our data protection officer - Fraser Matcham - via email at

We do not respond to unsolicited marketing emails.

What analytics or tracking information is available on my firm’s profile?

Legal Utopia collects aggregated user data of the Find A Lawyer and Book A Lawyer services. This information may include the duration of search time, behaviours of search parameters, and engagements with firm profiles.

Legal Utopia has also commissioned a research project into user engagement parameters to understand what information is most relevant and informative to users. This will inform our approach to user experience and design. This will also be provided to our members to inform and optimise their approach.

Should you wish to collect analytics information on your profile from the Find A Lawyer service we can assist you with adding UTM codes, however, we cannot guarantee their operation. This is because of new policies on blocking tracking activities via mobile applications by some of our third party providers.

How are premium and standard members displayed on the app?

Legal Utopia randomises the display of the members listed on the Find A Lawyer service and provides a dedicated search function for each member’s list.

For premium members, there is also a dedicated filter option to make searching for practice areas easier for users.

Premium members will appear in the standard member listings during the selection process but standard members will not appear in the dedicated premium listings.

How will Legal Utopia get clients to you?

Legal Utopia is launching this first-of-its-kind service in the UK and we cannot guarantee revenue outcomes, however, our pricing is fair to reflect this. We anticipate that the average firm will recoup their membership fee from one successful engagement.

Meanwhile, Legal Utopia has a 10-person marketing team to deliver local and national targeted campaigns in the UK including email, content, social media, and TV advertising campaigns. Legal Utopia recently raised £300,000 to invest into its services and their promotion.