Ethics Policy



This policy (the “Ethics Policy”) applies to the provision of Our Service identified below only. 





Legal Utopia Limited (“Legal Utopia”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, the “Company") provides an automated ‘Legal Checker’ tool ("Our Service") delivered via Our Apps which are available from the Apple UK App Store ( and the Google Play Store ( 



Ethical Considerations: 


We understand the impact, both positive and negative, Our Service can have on Our customers and wider society. We are undertaking to provide a service that delivers a positive impact on a demographic of wider society that are currently not served or informed; or under-served and under-informed in accessing legal support, services, and advice.  


However, although our intent is to enable positive change through new innovation, the risk remains that Our actions or systems could cause a negative impact. This policy seeks to develop an initial ethical accountability framework to incorporate ethical considerations into Our commercial ambitions by expressly identifying areas of concern that require discussion, debate, monitoring, and reporting to reflect Our care for Our customers and Our respect and belief in wider society and democracy.  


We have included a range of areas that together comprise the substantive ethical considerations that We will undertake to proactively enable, include, facilitate, or consider during the commercial exploitation of Our Service.   


  • Protecting fundamental rights.


  • Evaluating risks ensuring appropriate mitigation or justification as necessary in a democratic society. 


  • Facilitating other voices to be heard.


  • Facilitate knowledge and understanding of Our use of machine learning.


  • To facilitate the self-assessment or challenge Our systems.


  • Facilitating better, more informed choices for legal services in accordance with Our goals whilst maintaining appropriate methods of measurement. 


  • Maintaining appropriate data governance and compliance. 


  • To maintain and monitor an appropriate systems protocol for compliance, suitability, credibility, and integrity. 


  • Maintain consideration and evaluation of the overall activities of Our machine learning apparatus.  


  • To reasonably monitor and evaluate the resilience of our systems to malicious attack.


  • Consider and evaluate the potential for unintentional and unexpected harm. 


  • Consider and evaluate the collection, handling, processing and retention of personal data to ensure transparency and ethical use. 


  • To maintain and monitor the potential for unfair bias, including unlawful discrimination and enabling inclusion and accessibility by design. 


Updated: 8th April 2021.

Reviewed: 8th September 2021.