Data & Ethics Policy

Legal Utopia is a business operating in Artificial Intelligence Technology and law, as the Company attempts to create and secure a sufficiently advanced, capable and reliable computer software, there are both ethical and regulatory considerations to be made throughout. 



The composition of the Executive Board establishes over 100-years of experience in business and law. It shall be the Company mandate to approach, debate and consider the ethical and regulatory position as research and development is undertaken for (or by) the Company with specific emphasis on the collection and utilisation of any data. 



The Company in considering its needs does not, nor will it seek to, procure data which can enable the Company or others to identify the person to whom composed said data in our research with any other body, institution or company without express consent. Any collection of data arising from the Company research shall be in strict compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and any other applicable laws. Any such system, service, product or software produced or commissioned by the Company shall be developed within the requirements of the DPA, the General Data Protection Regulation, and any other applicable laws. 



The board of directors shall meet quarterly to discuss the activities of the business and shall, at such time, consider the ethical implications of its decisions, actions, and omissions. The Company shall also consult its Data and Regulation Compliance Officer as and when appropriate throughout the course of the research and development of the Company’s work. 



The Company confirms that it shall fully consider the viability of any product or service with regard to the appropriate ethical and legal implications of, and prior to, any commercialisation of said product or service to the public. 



Legal Utopia appoints Fraser J Matcham (CEO) as the Data Protection Officer and Robert Marcus (CLO) as the Data and Regulation Compliance Officer.



This policy was updated on the 3rd of June 2019.

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