Contract Law

Contract law regulates the creation and enforcement of agreements between two or more parties.
Contracts are binding agreements that can be enforced in court and require three elements: agreement,
intention and consideration (for example, payment). Problems often arise when the parties disagree over
the existence of an agreement or the terms of the agreement. Contracts can be made orally or in writing
and the terms of the contract can be express or implied. Express terms are explicit promises that the
parties make to each other, while implied terms come into existence regardless of the intentions of the

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Breach of Contract

Breach of contract occurs when one of the parties to a contract does not fulfill their obligations under the contract. A breach enables the non-breaching party or parties to take action against the breaching party to seek remedies (e.g. compensation). 

Consumer Rights 

When someone enters a contract as a consumer, they have additional guaranteed rights and protections that are implied into the contract by a trader of goods, services and digital content. 

Contract Law Advice 

General advice on negotiating, drafting and interpreting the terms of a contract between two or more parties. 


Misrepresentation is an untrue statement(s) that induces someone to enter into a contract and as a result causes loss. If the misrepresentation is proven, the contract can be set aside, or the innocent party can claim damages. 

Consumer Credit Rights

When someone enters a credit agreement as a consumer, they have additional guaranteed rights and protections that cannot be removed by the other party. 

Travel Rights 

Travel rights are rights connected or attached to certain purchases of products and services related to the rights of travel or services connected to package holidays. When purchasing flight tickets or train tickets, as well as other methods of transport, you may have certain legal rights should something go wrong or the service(s) not be delivered as expected. For instance, the right to a refund on cancelled flights or compensation for delayed flights or damaged/lost baggage. 

Consumers also have certain rights attached to particular purchases of travel products such as Package Holidays that have the right to compensation should the travel provider not fulfill its legal obligations. 

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