Consumer Intelligence

Data is here, why not use it?  

We're pleased to be offering an exclusive annual report into the needs, demands and trends amongst consumers seeking and acquiring legal services in the UK. 

This report will continue and expand upon our extensive research study of consumer expression and interpretation of legal problem identification. 

The Consumer Intelligence Report 2020 will feature details of consumer demographic trends and the influencing attractions of consumer decision-making to support a greater understanding of the needs and demands of legal consumers across the UK. 

Briefing events will follow each annual report ensuring legal services providers and their marketing teams extract value by delivering a higher ROI through intelligently focused campaigns. 

Understanding the constantly changing trends amongst underserved consumers in an industry relatively undisrupted is a fundamental necessity to any formidable marketing strategy in legal services. 

Data analytics analysis is what we do, so you can get right to applying it to your business needs. Unlike other reports, we utilise a breath of technological resource to deliver an intelligence advantage amongst legal marketers. 

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*Possibilities refers to the number of potential outcomes of the application taking into consideration all available data input variables.*Cases refers to the number of historic legal problems analysed to inform the creation of the service. *Legal Services refers to the number of legal services providers referenced from our database. *Legal Fields refers to a category or body of law or a legal subject matter. *Resources refers to materials related to a legal subject matter referenced from our database. *Portals refers to the number of online service portals referenced from our database.

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