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Legal Utopia, Legal Utopia - The A.I Way and LegalCrowd are the trademarks and trading names of Legal Utopia Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 10909418 operating from and registered address Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 1LR.

(C) Legal Utopia Limited 2019-2020. All Rights Reserved. 

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About Us

Founded in August 2017, Legal Utopia is a social LawTech venture focused on utilising and leveraging artificial intelligence with a design-focused approach to deliver our mission to make law affordable and accessible to everyone.


We continue to grow and expand as a for-profit business with a positive social mission maintaining our core identity, in doing so we have established our key areas of focus while building an interdisciplinary team to deliver our services for consumers, not lawyers. 







Access to justice is a reference commonly made, but its scope is not widely defined. Instead, acting as a principle or an ideal arising from the adoption of, and belief in, the doctrine of the rule of law and due process.


When we reference access to justice, we understand this can mean many things to many people, at Legal Utopia we want to highlight our focus on the elements that are incorporated into this term by expressly identifying where we want to achieve equal access in our legal system. Legal Utopia is focused on what we believe are three fundamental elements that form and contribute to the aims, ambitions, and moral principles of access to justice. 



Access to Law: We want everyone to have the opportunity to access the simplest of legal information custom to each individuals' legal issue or dispute. 




Access to Financial Aid: We want everyone to have the opportunity to access financial aid to enable them to obtain access to legal advice or due legal process. 




Access to Knowledge: We want everyone to have the opportunity to access legal advice from knowledgable lawyers or digital processes.  







Sustainable: An offering needs to be able to sustain itself into the future with reliance only placed on our customers' and clients' satisfaction. 




Agile: An offering needs to be modular in its foundational design to allow for continuous learning and always pivoting to deliver value for the future. 




Collaborative: An offering needs to work with other industry participants and stakeholders to enable a level competitive playing field so everyone can be part of positive change.